21 July 2016

Some toughts about multi-species sci-fi miniatures armies...

First day of summer leave... Time for some blogging!

Back when I first started playing with toy soldiers, sci fi armies where pretty much all (at least for the games I was aware of) following the "one army, one species" paradigm... 

It's when GW released their Tau and their various alien auxiliaries back in the early 2000 (Tau have been around for 15 years? I'm not getting any younger, am I? I guess most GW players those days don't even remember 40K without Tau...) that I first became aware of that paradigm (nature of the beast: you usually see it only when breaking it).

But the logical consequences of that realization quickly followed... Why not, while we're at it, also get rid of "one unit, one species" and have a truly multi-species army with all echelons down to squads and teams made of several different aliens?
Star Trek Elite Force I & II are computer FPS games released in the early 2000s (just like the Tau) and set in the Star Trek (how did you guess?) universe... The aliens involved are a bit too "humans with rubber prosthesis and/or flashy colours make-up" (no Star Trek bashing here, I do understand that TV shows have constraints specific to the medium) and make a smaller fraction of the team that what I had in mind, but it is a multi-species squad... That kind of "rubber masks" aliens unit would be fairly easy to make out of miniatures: just pick a line of humans and paint their skin alien colours...

09 June 2016

Imagi-Unit - Special Targets Reconnaissance teams (SPECTRE)

It all started with an epiphany... Even in a world made mostly of imagi-nations, US Special Forces are a must have (or at least really useful) for ultra-modern games!
  • Looking for evidence of the Basranian nuclear program;
  • Supporting the Syldavian Forces response to the latest Bordurian invasion/annexation of their country;
  • "Advising" rebels in Touboutt-Chan;
  • Painting "high value targets" in Khemed...
Khrasan Miniatures DEVGRU. Picture from the manufacturer website.
The miniatures part was easy:
  • A couple of teams of Khurasan Miniatures DEVGRU (shop closed, no link!);
  • An Italeri MH-X Silent Hawk (I prefer to call it Ghost Hawk myself) 1/100 diecast;
  • And a pair of Rebel Minis not-Oshkosh M-ATV (I know those aren't really SF vehicles but they look cool!);
Nothing too ambitious right? Just wait for it...

On the fluff front though, as they aren't nearly enough real-world SF units, I had to make up my own...

19 May 2016

Tommorow's Wars meets Horizon Wars - A 6mm Democratic People's Republic of Glory (DPRG) Battlegroup?

Although Horizon Wars and Tommorow's Wars have nothing but the editor and book production value, reading the recently bought former inspired me to (beside buying a 6mm British Battlegroup) go back at the later to look at some miniature porn!

It's not the first time I think about gaming in that universe: I already wrote down some thoughts about which infantry models to use for the Republic of Arden and for the Democratic People Republic of Glory...

Brazilian built grav tanks are starting to equip select People's Republic Guard formation (the one that didn't displease Dear Leader). All pictures (except the Darghaur hereunder) from their manufacturer website.